Wednesday, June 8, 2011

University of Sussex-Ladies

I had to snap a couple of pictures of this restroom (toilet) at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Outside of a hospital, this is the BEST restroom I've ever seen in a public space.
Note the non slip surface in a generously sized room. The grab bars on the right go up to allow turning room for a wheelchair. The seat is lower and has a cushioned back support.
Here, one can see the use of a push lever faucet. After an allotted time, the water turns itself off. The soap and drier are located at a reachable height and next to each other. No wet, slippery hands because the drier or paper towel dispenser is across the room. This also allows for cleaner floors because no one has dripped all over the floor on the way to drying their hands.
Also, note the TP is easily dispersed sheets. Those who suffer from arthritis, MD or other issues with their hands appreciate not fighting with the eternal roll or shuffling the impossible door across to get access to the new roll of TP. (I swear I've heard that new roll laughing at me as I struggle to get that ridiculous sliding door across!)
If you know an architect or anyone in charge of building remodeling or compliance, PLEASE take the opportunity to share this information with them. This campus was built in the '60s and they were forward thinking in creating this space. Imagine what we could do for people now!!
PS The detail of providing a mirror at a lowered height on the back of the door really sealed the deal. Being disabled doesn't mean we don't want to check our hair and make up too. Or teeth for that embarrassing bit of spinach salad. Thank you U of Sussex and the IDS!!

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